United States (31/7).  A series of reports across the United States concerns agricultural and homeland security officials with mysterious packages arriving in households in the United States. The parcels contain seeds but here is the thing. Nobody ordered them.

Officials investigating the shipments origins, purpose and content. “We appeal to the public not to throw the parcels away but send them to the authorities to investigate them”, an official said.   The USDA told CBS News they’re collecting seed packets from recipients and will test them to see if there’s anything that could be of concern to the U.S. agriculture or the environment.

Unnamed security officials do not rule out other motives, including criminal gangs, and warn not to speculate at this point.


State agriculture officials say residents have reported receiving packages in the mail containing unknown seeds. “It might be tempting to put this into some soil to see what happens, but there’s a lot of damage that can cause,” said Don Robison, seed administrator for the Office of Indiana State Chemist.

“We don’t know what these seeds are, and there is potential for doing serious harm to everything from your backyard garden to the commodity and specialty crops that are such an important part of the agricultural economy. The last thing we want is to spread a weed, invasive species or disease, and that’s a real risk if people plant these or throw them in the garbage.”

Plant Industry Division officials say not to plant these seeds if you receive them because they “could be a pathway for introduction of invasive species, insects and plant diseases.”

There have been reports of this suspicious shipment in other states as well. In some cases, the label says it contains jewelry, but seeds are inside either vacuum-sealed or in a small bag. “This is considerable unusual”, said an unnamed security official of the Trump administration. “We need to wait and see”.

Reports from around the country on the mysterious sees appear in Colorado, Vermont, Utah, Indiana, IllinoisOklahoma, California, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Iowa, North Carolina,

If you receive these, save the contents and the label and contact the Plant Industry Division. You can reach them via phone at 800-206-9333 or email at [email protected].

Source: Hector DeSouza

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